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While grinding just rotate the table and mirror in opposite direction and your OK.

May 06, 2010018332For a first project make a mirror in the 4quot to 10quot range of diameter.

Ed Grinds a Mirror.

China Mirror Grinding China Mirror Grinding.

May 11, 2017018332Page 1 of 3 - Mirror Grinding - Take A Class Or DIY - posted in ATM, Optics and DIY Forum Ive been interested in grindingpolishing my own Newt mirror for a long time but dont know how to get started.

Industrial handheld grinding and surface finishing A.

I will need a slow speed for polishing 5 rpm, and faster speeds for hogging out and fine grinding 15- 30 rpm, so likely need to think about adding a gear reduction.

Oct 17, 2016018332Join Discussion The final step in achieving a mirror finish on a stainless steel tube is using a buffing wheel and a polishing paste.

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Dress at the first sign of finish deterioration and, again, COOLANT.

Apr 15, 2016018332Joined Mon Dec 28, 2015 651 pm Car 2012 Infiniti QX56.

Nevertheless I managed to get about 20kg of bitumen pitch that they successfully use for their mirrors at the local club, so I have been using that.

How to grind a parabolic mirror for telescope Yahoo.

Using a hand-held linear grinding machine is an easy, cost-effective way to polish large and small pieces to a mirror finish.

Thread starter Ray C Start date Jul 27, 2013 Ray C Registered.

Grinding, polishing, figuring, and coating a small mirror in 1 day can be done, but will require some experience.

Fine grinding, by definition, is the blending of the weldment to the surface of the metal for a smooth, consistent, and attractive appearance.

I started this thread to record my building progress of a new mirror grinding and polishing machine.

Mirror grinding Table ATM Optics and DIY Forum.

Oct 13, 2019018332Things I need to probably change or fix My gearing of the DC motor.

Re Newbie question polsim and mirror grinding on an.

Quote Post by jvangun 187 Tue Apr 12, 2016 639 am .

Aug 19, 2019018332A few years ago, I was thinking about hand grinding a mirror.

Stand the cone up beneath a drill spindle and position the plug held in a drill chuck inside of it.

Grinding Magnesium Practical Machinist.

Aug 27, 2012018332Early American slaves believed that the bad luck could be washed away by immersing the pieces of the broken mirror in south-flowing water for seven hours.

The Meaning of Mirrors in Folklore and Superstition.

Building a fixed post mirror grinding machine Page 2.

Aug 04, 2010018332You just need a few pieces of plywood, some small wheels, a central pivoting point.

24quot Mirror Grinding and Polishing Machine IceInSpace.

Mirror Grinding Take A Class Or DIY ATM Optics and.

JMI Telescopes is a world renowned manufacturer of astronomical telescopes and aftermarket accessories for the amateur and professional astronomer.

Jul 27, 2013 1 Was doing a lot with the surface grinder and every now and then, you want to look at the wheel coming in contact with the piece to see if things are on track.

Mirror grinding noise Nissan Forum Nissan Forums.

Tips on Finegrinding Stainless Steel Canadian Metalworking.

Telescope Making Supplies.

I dont really remember how big it was, but it was big.

Mel Bartels Amateur Telescope Making.

Buy Telescope Mirrors Jims Mobile.

A telescope mirror is arguably the most accurate surface made by human or machine.

Jun 18, 2020018332I checked the parts during the grinding, and at no point did they become even warm to the touch.

Mirror grinding machine The Home Shop Machinist.

The end result was a cracked mirror from the mirror sticking to the tool during fine grinding and driving it loose with a 4 X 4.

I can at least understand the process of grinding or lapping a surface flat.

I watched a YouTube video of John Dobson hand grinding a mirror.

Jan 02, 2008018332Here is a wild idea turn a tapered steel plug to exactly match the mirror cone.

Surface Grinding Tip Use a Mirror The HobbyMachinist.

Throughout the grinding and final lapping stages, the objective has been to reduce pits and scratches to the smallest possible size.

The center of the mirror is the most likely to be contacted by any motion, so it is abraded more frequently and becomes the deepest point, while the edges are worn less.

Despite having looked through hundreds of telescopes through my observing career, I had to admit I had never ground my own mirror in fact, my knowledge of the whole subject was rather sketchy at best.

Ive noticed a weird grinding sound when I put my car into reverse and the mirrors auto-tilt.

In the US get the glass, abrasives, pitch, and polish from Newport, Willmann-Bell, or GotGrit.

Building a fixed post mirror grinding machine.

This machine will be capable of handling mirror sizes up to 22quot.

Mirror grinding Hacker News.

IntroductionThis summer 2000 I joined a mirror-grinding class hosted by our local clubs ATM committee.

Brown Girl Grinding lorenlorosa is on Instagram.

However, no amount of grinding can produce a surface smooth enough or sufficiently transparent to meet the needs of a first-class telescope objective.

Making a conical mirror Practical Machinist.

Grinding practice on scrap cast iron Practical Machinist.

A wide variety of mirror grinding options are available to you, such as normal, cnc.

I have read a lot and ground one small mirror some years ago but did it all by hand.

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